Our Journey

About the House

We love this house! It was built in 2018, by family and for families. There is so much storage in this house you will find somewhere to put everything that is near and dear to your heart. Separate living spaces were also created to make this house more than comfortable. There are 2 separate bedrooms; the master loft is big enough for a queen or king bed and also has his/hers closets, the main level bedroom has a twin murphy bed, allowing the space to double for sleep and play.

The bathroom has a custom tile shower and composting toilet, it is also plumbed for a traditional flushing toilet. And again plenty of storage! There is even a broom closet for all those necessary cleaning supplies.

The living area features a 55″ flat screen TV, sectional couch, and you guessed it – more storage! Moving into the kitchen you will find a pantry with 4 pull out drawers, pull out trash/recycle and 11 cu. ft. fridge with large storage cabinet above. The sink is a luxurious 30″ Elkay undermount surrounded by beautiful butcher block counter tops. The kitchen also boasts a full size Samsung gas range and toaster oven as well as storage in every nook and cranny. The kitchen table folds out from the wall, allowing you to keep the space open.

And finally, the statement piece – the front door is a 70 year old solid mahogany salvaged door. This one of a kind door is accented by a beautiful chandelier perfectly sized for a tiny house.

The technical specs:
26′ tiny home on an Iron Eagle PAD trailer. Full size Samsung propane range; Fridge, dishwasher and wine fridge. Rinnai propane hot water heater; Samsung 11k btu mini split; pelican whole house 3- stage water filtration system; composting toilet; roof window/skylight. Cedar siding and shingle exterior and a standing seam metal roof professionally installed. Structure features 16 gauge steel strapping, Simpson SDS uplift anchors in each corner, hurricane clips on rafters, insulated walls ceilings and floors, henry commercial grade house wrap, 2×4 wall studs and 2×6 floor joysts and rafters, professionally installed electric and gas (class A contractors).

The Real Key to Success

Be where you are.

We have a very concrete idea of what success is in our society. Success is more money, a better job, more degrees, a bigger house, a nicer car – the next bigger, better thing. If you aren’t moving up you are going nowhere. How can we ever feel good about ourselves if success means the constant need to achieve?

The key to true success in life is not in the world ‘out there’ – it is inside. It is the ability to be where you are; to appreciate yourself no matter your external achievements. If you can do that, then you can go anywhere, do anything, the possibilities are endless! You may say to yourself, “well I am a confident person and I am proud of where I am.” My question to you is – have you ever thought to yourself, “I just need to get a promotion or a raise, then I can …” or “once I get this degree or certification, then I will …” If so, then you are not being where you are. Anytime your focus in on an external achievement, you are looking in the wrong place. In order to truly achieve to your full potential you have to shift the focus inward; you have to appreciate yourself for who you are in that moment.

We are all constantly expanding and growing – it is a natural law hardwired into all of us. If we understand this, then there is no longer a need to achieve in the way we are conditioned to. At any given point in time you can look at yourself and say, “I am in the perfect place and I look forward to where I am headed next” rather than “I will be happy when…” It becomes about the experience and not the end result.

What a big difference a small shift in perspective makes! Think about this for a minute. When you are focused on “I will be happy when”, but as a human being you are continuously growing and evolving – when will you ever been happy? As soon as you achieve something, it is time to move on to the next thing, then the next, because that is what you are meant to do! But, if your happiness and success are tied to the next thing, you can never appreciate where you are. You will always feel like you need to achieve the next thing in order to be successful.

So take control over your own success and happiness! Shift your perspective today and be where you are. A good way to do this is to keep an appreciation journal. Each night write down a few things you accomplished or appreciated about your day. Be proud of those things for what they are and then prepare to be amazed as more of these things pop into your life as if by magic!

Enjoy your journey, love yourself, appreciate every accomplishment on the way to reaching your goals and you will have all of the success in the world.

And We’re Off!

Well, day 1 of the Tiny House build is in the books! Today marked the first “real” day of tiny home progress. Sure we have been shedding possessions over the last year and planning the build for the last 6 months , but today the momentum kicked up a notch – the dream is real.

Like most things in life, it is too easy to focus on the end result, but as cliché as it sounds, you have to enjoy the journey. There is something so fulfilling about being outside and building something. I have always loved being able to see a tangible result after a day of hard work. Back in the corporate grind, I never truly had anything to hold on to for all the stress and work I put in. Sure you get paid, but what did I really do out there…certainly not building a tiny house! Anyway, I digress.

Day 1 felt great. I am sure the struggle will get real at some point, but I am trying to stay present and really take this experience in at every stage. We knocked out the sub floor assembly thanks in large part to the awesome design by Iron Eagle Trailers. We got slowed up a bit on the sub floor plumbing rough-ins, but we are in good shape tomorrow to finish those, insulate and lay the sub floor, and get a couple walls up. I think the first 80% of the build will move really fast, but that last 20% is where things will slow.  Time will tell.

If you are out there contemplating a tiny home and are considering building it yourself, I say go for it! I will revisit this statement throughout the build to see if it changes, but at this point I feel like a dream.

A Tiny House? Really?!

So you guys are going to live in a tiny house?

A question almost everyone has asked us is “what made you decide to build a tiny house?” It is a great question…but not the easiest one to answer since “we just want to” doesn’t seem to be the response people are looking for. If you really want the full answer we have to go back in time about 5 years – to the purchase of our first house. It is such an exciting time, much anticipated, totally hyped up – buying your first home – one of the first milestones of your adulthood. But, how many of you rode the high of buying your first home and then about 3 months in thought, why the heck did I do this anyway?

Everyone is so excited for you – your parents, the realtor, the lender, your friends and co-workers – it is so easy to get caught up in the notion that it is the next step in life, this is what people do. We bought the nice new house and it was great, until it wasn’t.  First, you spend so much money making the house yours, then stuff starts to break and you have to pay for that too, then you have so much space you start to buy more stuff to fill up that space. It took less than 2 years before we realized we had become mesmerized by the American Dream and it was time to snap out of it, because this dream was not for us.

We sold our house and began to rent again and we told ourselves we weren’t going to fall for the house trap again, when we were ready we would build our own house and it would be about 700 sq ft. Over the course of a year we began to pair down our belongings, systematically going through our house room by room, taking several passes through each room over the months. We had reduced our belongings significantly, but we realized that we still had to pay rent on this house that was bigger than we needed. We also realized that we wouldn’t be ready for building this small dream house for a while and thought what are we waiting for? We can build a tiny house now!

And so our journey began! And we plan to share all the details of the planning, build and living in our new tiny house with you here! We look forward to sharing a new perspective with you all!