Spiral Evolutionverb – continuous upward expansion.

We are all evolving and growing. The spiral is the perfect symbol for growth because it starts small and continuously moves upward, expanding as it grows. As you move up the spiral of life, you re-visit some of the same things again and again, but each time you do – you see it from a higher vantage point, gaining new perspectives from each experience.

Our journey has been influenced by our high-spirited attitudes and love of exploring new things. If I had to describe us in a catch phrase it would be, Go For It! We decide on a goal and then we make it happen, no matter how off the wall it may seem. Move across the country? Let’s do it! Start our own business? Of course we can! Live in a tiny home? Let’s do this!

We believe in doing you and making dreams happen despite what the world around you says. We have gone from the chains of Corporate America to owning our own lifestyle business and making our own rules – and it is great! We are a family of three (plus a cat) and we are excited to share our thoughts on tiny living, holistic lifestyles and living our dream with you!

As lifestyle coaches and spa owners we are all about helping our clients achieve balance and find out what works for them so they can get the most out of life. We hope that you find some nuggets of wisdom here that apply to your own life and maybe help you on your journey in some way.

Keep it real and do great things!

-Dave, Meghan and Xaiden