And We’re Off!

Well, day 1 of the Tiny House build is in the books! Today marked the first “real” day of tiny home progress. Sure we have been shedding possessions over the last year and planning the build for the last 6 months , but today the momentum kicked up a notch – the dream is real.

Like most things in life, it is too easy to focus on the end result, but as cliché as it sounds, you have to enjoy the journey. There is something so fulfilling about being outside and building something. I have always loved being able to see a tangible result after a day of hard work. Back in the corporate grind, I never truly had anything to hold on to for all the stress and work I put in. Sure you get paid, but what did I really do out there…certainly not building a tiny house! Anyway, I digress.

Day 1 felt great. I am sure the struggle will get real at some point, but I am trying to stay present and really take this experience in at every stage. We knocked out the sub floor assembly thanks in large part to the awesome design by Iron Eagle Trailers. We got slowed up a bit on the sub floor plumbing rough-ins, but we are in good shape tomorrow to finish those, insulate and lay the sub floor, and get a couple walls up. I think the first 80% of the build will move really fast, but that last 20% is where things will slow.  Time will tell.

If you are out there contemplating a tiny home and are considering building it yourself, I say go for it! I will revisit this statement throughout the build to see if it changes, but at this point I feel like a dream.

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